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Confidentiality Confidentiality

Informative according to Legislative Decree 196/2003

Informative according to Legislative Decree 196/2003

Dear user,

We wish to inform you that your personal data will be used by EauBlanc&Alphacube srl fully complying the fundamental principles provided by the Legislative Decree 196/2003, for the protection of personal data.


Further we resume the operations performed by us, which involve collection, storage and processing of personal data; and the purpose is the collection and storage of personal data in order to provide the service through the web Portal and to provide the judicial authorities the information required, if necessary.


Data will be processed through automatic methods.


Data provision is optional. Still, in case of a refusal, we will not be able to provide the required services


The holder of the data processing activity is EauBlanc&Alphacube srl, with headquarters in banchina molini, 8 30175 Marghera Venezia Italy. Responsible for personal data processing are the persons in the company who have such attributions under their responsibility.


We inform you that all stakeholders can exert the rights based on article 7 in the Legislative Decree 196/2003, which are resumed below:1) through free access to the Register, they are aware of the existence of the personal data they are looking at;

2) to be informed regarding: name, denomination, domicile, residence and headquarters of the data holder. Purpose and processing means for name, denomination, domicile, headquarters of the data responsible person;

3) This form does not have the value of a contract and is considered launched at Fiere e Congressi Italia (Fairs and Congresses Italy) with informative purpose and for dissemination of information; therefore I authorize the company EauBlanc&Alphacube srl to publish and display on the internet, through their domains, my image and professional data, except for the personal data, like address, phone number and email address.

4) Provided personal data (which I declare as being true) will be used by Fiere e Congressi Italia and communicated to other companies, fully complying the fundamental principles established by the European Parliament Directive 95/46/EC for the protection of natural persons regarding personal data processing and data circulation; through Directive 97/66/EC for protecting the confidentiality in the telecommunications sector; through Directive 97/07/EC and Legislative Decree 185/99 for protecting consumers in case of distance contracts; through Directive 00/31/EC for electronic trade; through Legislative Decree no. 196 from June 30th 2003 “Code regarding personal data protection”; through Legislative Decree 70/2003 in the field of electronic trade.

to obtain from the holder: Confirmation of the existence of personal data and their communication. Information regarding processing logic and purposes. Deletion and transformation, without specifying the identity of the tenderer, the data processed illegally, including the date whose maintenance is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and processed.

Update, rectification or data completion. Certification that the operations provided in articles 2 and 3 have been presented to those whose data have been communicated or spread (in what concerns the content), except for the cases in which this requirement proves to be impossible or assumes an obviously disproportionate effort as opposed to the right being protected. To oppose, completely or partially, for legitimate reasons, to personal data processing which belong to them, even if relevant for the purpose they were collected; to oppose, completely or partially, to the processing of personal data belonging to them, for purposes like: commercial information or publicity materials transmission, direct sale or performance of market studies, interactive commercial communications. The rights to be informed by the holder, no later than the moment in which the data have been communicate or spread, regarding the possibility of exerting freely this right.

For every requirement mentioned in paragraph 1, letter c) no. 1), the stakeholder can be required, where the existence of data regarding it is not confirmed, a fee that does not exceed the actually borne costs, in the manner and the limits provided in the regulation.

The rights provided in paragraph 1, in what concerns personal data regarding deceased persons can be exerted by any person with an interest.

When exerting the right provided in paragraph 1, the stakeholder can give, in writing, a power of attorney or delegation to natural persons or associates.

Regulations regarding professional secret of those exerting journalistic profession, limited to the news source, will be complied with.

To exert the right provided in art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and those resumed above, the client must submit a written request to the address: